3 Accessories To Invest In When Purchasing New Carpeting For Your Apartment Complex

Installing new carpet in your apartments is an effective way to attract new tenants and keep current residents happy. You may even be able to command more rent for your apartment units once they've been upgraded with new carpeting. Before installing your apartment complex's new carpeting, consider investing in the following accessories to go along with it:

Acoustic Padding

One of the most important accessories you can invest in for your apartment complex's new carpeting is acoustic padding. Acoustic commercial carpet cushion will not only impress residents by giving your new carpet a more luxurious look and feel, but it will provide them with some extra support and comfort when spending time indoors.

The padding should help extend the lifespan of your new carpeting and will reduce the chance that residents downstairs will hear footsteps from upstairs which should help increase your occupancy numbers as time goes on. Acoustic padding should help keep stains from soaking through the carpeting and into the baseboards, which could result in the need to make serious repairs. And the padding may even improve the insulation properties of your new carpeting overall.

Rolls of Replacement Carpet

You can't predict how well or bad your tenants will treat the new carpeting once it has been installed, so it's a good idea to invest in some rolls of replacement carpet when placing your initial order. This will ensure that carpet is immediately available if a resident needs their carpeting replaced for some reason such as a flood or a serious stain.

All your maintenance crew will have to do is measure the area of carpeting that needs to be replaced and then cut the amount they need from the replacement roll. There won't be a need to make your residents wait several days before their ruined carpet can be replaced. Having at least one roll of replacement carpeting on hand will also make it easy to rehab apartments between occupancies.

A Commercial Steam Cleaner

Another thing you should consider investing in when you purchase your new carpeting is a commercial steam cleaner. Renting a steam cleaner or hiring a professional company to clean the carpeting in each apartment as tenants move out can get costly and reduce your profit margins as time goes on. If you own a commercial steam cleaner, all you'll have to worry about is maintaining the machine as it ages. And you'll only have to use power, soap, and water any time you need to clean the carpet in an apartment.

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