A Guide To Choosing The Right Pallet Wrapping Equipment

If your business depends on the use of pallets to transport or display your merchandise, choosing the most appropriate equipment to wrap those pallets is essential. There are several different types of equipment to choose from and the size of the pallets being wrapped may impact your ultimate choice of unit. Therefore, it will be easier to choose an appropriate option when you are aware of the common wrapping equipment that is listed below.

Understanding The Turntable Wrapper

The turntable wrapper is an example of pallet wrapping equipment that is commonly used for smaller loads. One useful aspect of the turntable wrapper is that it is lightweight and easier to use because it does not require a permanent mount prior to being used. In addition, this unit is helpful because it allows the pallet to stay in one position while the turntable moves around in order to wrap it.

It should be noted that each pallet you are wrapping should be no taller than roughly 2.5 meters, even if the pallet is not as stable as it could be. If the load in question is not as stable as it could be and the unit does not exceed that height, you should consider the use of a turntable wrapper.

Considering The Ratcheted System With Straps

If your budget is of great concern to you and you want to be able to access the items in question as quickly in policy, it is possible that you can benefit from the use of a ratcheted system with straps. It works by enveloping the merchandise being moved within a series of strategically placed straps, ending in an S hook that attaches to the vehicle, other load, etc. Once they have been applied, the straps will be shortened until there is no unused space. When the straps are as tight as they can be, the items are secure.

It should be pointed out that unless you also plan on using small boxes to store smaller or unstacked items, you will need to take extra steps for those items. In addition, it has often been reported that using straps that have been tightened or ratcheted down can minimize the number of people who will be needed to unpack the pallet when it arrives at its final location. Since those people will not have to use a knife or scissors to cut through plastic as they would with some other options, it is frequently a safer option in many situations.

In conclusion, choosing the right type of pallet wrapping equipment for your business is important and can be impacted by your need for the new items. As a result, it is a good idea to consider the information provided above when you are making that important decision.

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